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fitz 4x.png

Sound Linear Fitz-4X

4 Driver | Custom IEM


Perfect tuning for Acoustic Musics. 

Price: RM4000.00

fitz 4b.png

Sound Linear Fitz-4B

4 Driver | Custom IEM


Perfect tuning for EDM, POP & Modern Musics. 

Price: RM4000.00

fitz 10 flat purple.png

Sound Linear Fitz 10 Flat

10 Driver | Custom IEM


Flat, fast, accurate & natural sound response, for the most demanding mixing, remastering and monitoring work.

Price: RM9,500.00

fitz 4E.png

Sound Linear Fitz-4E

4 Hybrid Driver | Custom IEM


Sound Linear 1st Hybrid design IEM with using 2 BA with 2 Electrostatic Speaker Drivers.

Coming Soon.