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Sound Linear Fitz 4X

An IEM with prefect tuning for acoustic music.

Providing Clear Bass, Warm Mid, Crystal High.

Recommended for who need listening more details from their musics.

Price:    MYR 4,000.00

4 Speakers per-ears

High quality Balanced Armature Drivers, to providing fantastic sound quality.

3-way Crossover

Dividing sound signal before converting into a great & accurate sound.

MMCX IEM Connector

A new industry standard.  Allowable to replace with any other MMCX cable.

More Different Models

fitz 4b.png

Price: RM4,000.00

Fitz 4B

4BA Spearkers  |  3-way Crossover

fitz 10 flat purple.png

Price: RM9,200.00

Fitz 10 Flat

10BA Spearkers  |  4-way Crossover